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What Causes High Risk Pregnancy

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pregnancyPregnancy is one of the expectations of being a woman. And being a woman myself, I sometimes don’t like that kind of expectation because it could mean a life and death situation. This is especially true among women who have high risk pregnancies. As a woman, it would be good for you to know about high risk pregnancies, what makes you more prone to this condition, and what proper care should be done if you are in this condition.

A high risk pregnancy is a situation when either the expecting mom or her unborn child has an increased risk of suffering from health problems during pregnancy. The term “high risk” may scare some women, but in reality, your situation may not be as scary as you think it is. Doctors just use this term to ensure that you get special attention and care while you are pregnant to avoid possible complications and health problems for you or your baby.

There are several factors that can make your pregnancy be considered as high risk. Among them are preterm labor, placental problem, and slow growth of your baby. You are also on high risk pregnancy if your doctor has diagnosed you to have preeclampsia, a condition where your blood pressure is high and you have abnormally high protein in your urine. If you are suffering from certain serious health problems such as diabetes, kidney disease, epilepsy, seizures or cancer, your pregnancy will also be considered risky.

Apart from existing health problems, the age and lifestyle of the expecting mother may also cause her pregnancy to be on high risk. For instance, if you became pregnant when you are younger than 17 years old or older than 35, your circumstances may pose inherent risks to your pregnancy. The same is true if you smoke, drink alcohol, use illegal drugs, or take certain medications such as lithium, valproic and phenytoin.

Other factors that can put you on high risk pregnancy include multiple pregnancies like if you have two or more babies in your tummy, if you had several miscarriages in the past, or if you had preterm labor or other problems in your past pregnancy. High risk pregnancy is also possible if you are suffering from hepatitis, HIV or other infections such as chickenpox and syphilis. If during your regular checkup your doctor detects through a test or ultrasound that your baby has certain genetic conditions like kidney, lung or heart problem, or Down syndrome, your pregnancy will also be on high risk from the time the condition of your baby was detected.

If you had a high risk pregnancy in the past, early detection of your current pregnancy is important so you can immediately be advised by your doctor on how to avoid another risky pregnancy. You could make use of the implantation calculator or could also regularly monitor yourself for signs of implantation to detect pregnancy.

Once diagnosed with a risky pregnancy, you will have to visit your doctor more often and will also have to submit yourself for various tests and exams to ensure your safety and that of your baby.

Some high risk pregnancies are inherent to the circumstances of the mother, while other cases are caused by reasons that can be avoided like smoking or drinking alcohol. But whatever factor is causing your risky pregnancy, it is important to cooperate with your doctor so that proper care can be given to you and your baby.


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