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It’s Vacation Time!

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This is it! It’s that time of year once again where everyone and anyone worth their salt are preparing to go on vacation. Be it somewhere in this beautiful country of ours or probably somewhere else different, but still on this planet mind you, everyone enjoys and is looking forward to the day when they can leave all their troubles and worries behind and enjoy something new.

Well I’m no exception as I have already a plan in the works and it has got something to do with Greece. Yep, I’m going to Olympus and speak to their gods there, go up to Acropolis to discuss something with the emperor, and probably dine close to the sea on Mykonos’ Little Venice.

I have always been fascinated with Greece and its place in world history, how I longed to be there each year but something always comes up which makes me go to another place, usually from the prodding of someone close to me. But this year it is all about me and I will finally go there even if it’s only me that will.

Just thinking about it gives me goose bumps, what more if I get to do it. I can already imagine my plane landing on their airport, unloading my things, getting on a cab to my hotel, all the while absorbing everything about the country. It’s people, all the old buildings and structures, its pollution hehe.

Heck I might even walk to my hotel while we’re at it. I got the best lightweight luggage with me for the past two years so it’s really a doable kind of thing. Anyways I often pack light with only the very basic of amenities like clothes and stuff, everything else I buy in the country I’m in. How many brands of toothpastes I have tasted in my many years of traveling.

I can also see myself hugging an old base pillar on an old decrepit archaeological site all the while praying it will not come tumbling down on me while I take a picture for posterity. No companion, no problem, as I have my trusty best travel tripod with me at all times, no need for somebody to operate the camera to take a picture of me in my best poses.

Come to think of it, besides the few clothes that I’m packing, it is only the tripod that seems to be the only different thing that I’m carrying, besides my camera that is, but I’m holding the camera and not really packing it in. Well it only shows my love for taking pictures and stuff. I do have several gigs of data back home with only pictures in them, documenting my many travels, so maybe I really am a shutterbug for all intents and purposes.

Anyways, I just can’t wait to get my feet over there and the excitement is really making me nuts. I’ll only just have to wait another few days and I’m off. Greece here I come!

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