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   Mar 25

What Is Neutropenia and How It Can Affect You

Neutropenia has nothing to do with plants which are what this blog is all about. But it is a serious condition that can affect you and me without us knowing it. And once we have it, we may not be able to continue some of the activities we enjoy doing like gardening. Neutropenia is a […]

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   Dec 27

What You Can Do to Heal a Bruise

As a gardener, I tend to get unexplained bruising somewhere on my body.  I usually noticed these bruises at night when I sleep.  I just cannot remember how the bruise happen but it just did.  After years of gardening I have figured out ways to remedy this.   There’s more than one way to heal […]

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   Jan 05

The Terrier Breeds – Different Dogs With Much in Common

When asked what the main characteristics of terrier breeds are, two of those breeds often come to mind. One is the Airedale terrier, one of the larger breed of terriers, and the other is everyone’s favorite, the Yorkshire terrier, or ‘Yorkie”, which is often classified as a ‘toy’ breed. There is of course the Jack […]

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   Feb 28

Tattoos for Girls: What Can You Say About It

One time, a friend visited me and we had a long chat in my garden. And during our conversation, she mentioned to me her problem about one of her girls who recently had a tattoo on her tummy. She did not approve of it but cannot do anything about it either because it was already […]

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   Mar 02

How to Deal with Newborn Hiccups

Hiccups are usually harmless and you have nothing to worry about even among newborns. But even if hiccups are quite common, they can also cause some mild discomfort upon infants. Hiccups prevent them from having a sound sleep. And in some instances, it may cause them to cry for a while. Hiccups mostly happen when […]

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   Mar 05

10 Interesting Facts about Yorkie Poodle

  While I am an avid gardener, I am also interested in pets especially dogs. Lately, I am considering acquiring a Yorkie poodle which is a breed of the poodle mixes. But before I finally get my Yorkie, I first researched about them. And I know there are also many avid gardeners like me who […]

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   Mar 07

Best resources for finding coloring pages for kids

I have always enjoyed spending time with my three-year-old granddaughter Melanie. She is the light of my life and I try to do everything in my power to spend every extra minute I have with her. Being a grandmother, this is not an easy task for me. I am also one of those health nuts […]

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   Mar 10

Braces Pain: What You Can Do to Soothe the Pain

  I can still vividly remember the first few days after I had my braces on. I was not able to eat solid food and I had a few cuts in my lips. Braces pain is quite common. When you have braces, you could experience having cuts or sores on your lips and not being […]

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   Oct 26

Song for Going Green

Just a couple of songs that I recommend. Fast Tube by Casper   Fast Tube by Casper

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