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   Nov 04

3 Great House Plants for Beginners

3 Great House Plants for Beginners   Adding a few house plants to the abode is a great way to brighten up the great indoors. Keeping plants inside is also a low-hassle way of improving the air quality in the home due to the significant amount of oxygen that plants naturally throw off. Beginner gardeners […]

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   Nov 04

What Planting Zones Information Tells You and Doesn’t Tell You

What Planting Zones Information Tells You and Doesn’t Tell You   Blue has been described as being one of the warmest of colors, but as far as planting zones are concerned nearly the opposite is true. Color maps illustrating these zones usually indicate the colder areas in blue. The only areas colder than blue are […]

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   Apr 02

It’s Vacation Time!

This is it! It’s that time of year once again where everyone and anyone worth their salt are preparing to go on vacation. Be it somewhere in this beautiful country of ours or probably somewhere else different, but still on this planet mind you, everyone enjoys and is looking forward to the day when they […]

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   Nov 12

Always Informative Meetings

Going to our weekly neighborhood meetings is really a great way to catch up on the latest trends that is sweeping across the country today. I am amazed at how informed several of my neighbors are in terms of news and world views, not to mention the latest gadgets in the market today. Going to […]

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   Jun 01

Natural Remedies for Pimples from Your Garden

Gardening offers a lot of benefits. Aside from the fresh produce you could harvest and the flowers you could pick for your flower vase, some plants can also be used as natural remedies for certain conditions. That is what makes me happy and proud to be a gardener. Although I just have a small plot […]

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   May 24

Hedgehogs as Pest Controllers in Your Garden

Hedgehogs are not just cute pets that should be confined in hedgehog cages. More importantly, they can be effective in naturally controlling the population of pests around your home, especially in your garden. Just recently, I was researching about natural pest controllers for my garden. I was having problems with snails and other pests and […]

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   May 16

Herbal Remedies for Diarrhea on Pregnant Women

One good thing I appreciate about gardening is that I am able to grow plants that can be used as a remedy for various diseases. Just recently, a friend who is an expecting mom asked me for some geranium because it is a good remedy for diarrhea during pregnancy. Luckily, I have that in my […]

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   Apr 27

When Can Breastfeeding Mothers Have their Period?

In one of my chit chats with a friend who just delivered her first child, she asked me about the possibility of having a period while breastfeeding. She said she’s not ready yet to have another child in two years. So she was thinking that if she continually breastfeeds her baby, she will not get […]

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   Apr 23

2 Common Hip Ailments and How to Avoid Them

I have a number of close friends who are into physically demanding sports like football and soccer. While I was in college, I also became acquainted with students who were into these sports. And I remember many of them complaining about hip pain at some point in time. The reason why I brought this topic […]

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   Apr 12

What You Need to Know About Boxer Pitbull Mix

Having a pet dog at home can give you added security and enjoyment. Some breeds are really good entertainers and can amuse you with their talents. Other pet dogs also serve as the most loyal friends of their masters, accompanying them during walks and travels. Then there are also guard dogs that you can trust […]

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   Apr 08

Asthma and Gardening

In the past, asthmatic people are normally advised to avoid gardening since there are plants that can trigger an asthma attack. I know this because I have a friend who used to share the same interest as I do in gardening. She was advised by her doctor to find another hobby because plants and asthma […]

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   Mar 27

10 Low Carb Vegetables for Weight Loss

I have neighbors and friends who are exerting much effort to shave-off several pounds of their weight in the shortest time possible. Many of them practice a 1,000-calorie diet which involves consuming a minimum amount of calories. And every time they will ask my opinion, I often suggest including low carb vegetables in their diet. […]

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