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Going to our weekly neighborhood meetings is really a great way to catch up on the latest trends that is sweeping across the country today. I am amazed at how informed several of my neighbors are in terms of news and world views, not to mention the latest gadgets in the market today. Going to such meetings always entertain me no end and I have also gained so much knowledge that I otherwise would not have known if it weren’t for them.

This Sunday’s meeting was equally informative as several important topics were discussed. One of them is about water and how important it is to our lives. It was talked about that our water supply is kind of dwindling as populations across the world continue to grow unabated and at tremendous speed. They say that soon enough the world will be hard pressed supplying its inhabitants with safe drinking water.

Some say the answer to that is that we use the waters of the ocean to supply us with potable water, as we know that the Earth is mostly composed of water in the surface so that can be the solution to the growing need for water, but how do we do it successfully and on a large scale?

Well the answer they say is in reverse osmosis technologies where they filter out the salt content which leaves us with clean and clear drinking water. But apparently such systems costs large amounts of money and are still in the realm of the very rich countries especially in the Middle East deserts where they have the best reverse osmosis system that money can buy.

Apparently smaller versions of the system are becoming available already even for house hold use. Of course it’s not as powerful as the big machines they have out there but it still does its purpose of delivering clean water well. I’ll just make sure to make a mental note to get one just in case.

The discussion also went to yoga and I was surprised that the majority of the people in attendance were aware of or was already a practitioner of yoga. I know about it and its supposed benefits but I haven’t really given it a thought and there they were, expounding on the benefits of yoga that they are already receiving from doing it.

They say that it releases the mind from troubles thereby making the practitioner at peace with anything around them. The body too benefits from the training as they reported that they do not feel anymore the aches and pains associated with the advancing of age and they are totally thankful for it.

They enjoined other members to take up the practice and they say that we will truly be thankful to them in the future because of it. They pointed out several sites on the internet to learn more about yoga and several of the best yoga DVD’s available in the market today to get us started.

Well maybe there really is something to it that makes many people believe in it. Well there’s really no harm in trying anyway so might as well give it a go, who knows I might enjoy it too.

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