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2 Common Hip Ailments and How to Avoid Them

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I have a number of close friends who are into physically demanding sports like football and soccer. While I was in college, I also became acquainted with students who were into these sports. And I remember many of them complaining about hip pain at some point in time.

The reason why I brought this topic up is because just several days ago, I talked with a friend who was complaining about an extreme pain he suffered because of a torn labrum hip. I did not wonder why because I knew he likes to play soccer from time to time, and I recalled similar incidences with college friends suffering from the same problem years back.

As I became curious about hip labrum pain, I googled about it and found out that there is another hip pain common among athletes or people who are engaged in physical sports and activities. The other one is hip flexor pain. And both of them manifest pain around the hip area.

A hip labrum tear is a tear involving the soft elastic tissue ring located just outside the rim of the hip joint socket. The labrum is responsible for holding the ball on top of your thighbone to stay in place. Symptoms include a catching sensation in the hip joint or mild-to-severe hip pain. The most common cause of labral tear is repetitive stress from athletic activities such as football, soccer, golf, ballet and hockey. It can also happen if you force your hip into an extreme position or when you fall from a high chair or other high elevation.

You can reduce your risk of labral tear if you practice proper conditioning of the hip muscles before your actual game or when you avoid activities that will force your hip to do difficult positions.

On the other hand, the pain in the hip flexor involves a muscle group that makes it possible for a person to bend at the waist or to lift the knees. The flexors are very strong muscles that can be found in the abdominal cavity. Hip flexor injuries are more common on people who are into activities that involve kicking or sprinting such as soccer, running and martial arts. The pain is normally felt on the upper groin area where the pelvis and thigh meet.

Pain in the hip flexor muscles can be prevented if you avoid long periods of sitting down. You should get up every hour and then stretch your legs. If you are an athlete, you should do proper conditioning before a game, and be sure to do regular exercises to enhance your muscle strength.

They say that prevention is better than cure. Even though your lifestyle makes you more prone to these hip injuries, there are still things that you can do to avoid them. And if you have friends who are at risk of these injuries, you may also share your knowledge to them so that they can avoid suffering from painful hip pains.

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